A Geo-libertarian manifesto

Geo-libertarianism or Left libertarianism seems to be the only realistic way to solve many issues. Still, most people have never heard of it. Therefore, am trying to write some kind of little book/manifesto. It should be a very uncomplicated introduction to our way of thinking. It will include some illustrations to make it a little less boring than a normal book. I will publish some parts on this website and welcome any comments. If you are willing to help me please feel free to contact me!

Below are the chapters I am writing and a brief introduction.

1 – On Earth-Ownership: How Landlords Ruin Our Lives

2 – On Liberty: Our Right to Escape from Bureaucrats

3 – Towards true liberty

4 – Rebutting some objections to Geo-libertarianism

5 – How we can liberate ourselves


Inequality, climate change, unaffordable housing, work pressure, exploitation, regulatory pressure, war.

This manifesto is about the only sensible way to solve various world problems. This is the answer to two questions:

1) Who owns the world?

2) What holds freedom?

In the first chapter, we will explain why we are all entitled to our fair share of the earth for free. The system in which we pay someone else a lot of money for our place on earth is based on an annoying fallacy and leads to many problems.

In the second chapter, we will discuss freedom as the opportunity to do things our own way. If we can dispose of our fair share of the earth, together with like-minded people we can organize our lives as we wish. If a system is not good for us, we should have the opportunity not to participate in it. Forced participation leads to exploitation. The possibility of escape from annoying leaders is the best way to prevent exploitation.

Then we will explain how we can build a peaceful society based on the understanding that people have equal rights to the earth and that people are free to do things their own way.

How free are you right now? Can you decide for yourself what you eat tonight? Can you occasionally go on vacation? Do you have the opportunity to do things your own way?

How free are you? Can you easily dispose of your place on earth alone or together with like-minded people to live there in the way you would like best? Can you build the house needed for this? Or is it difficult to do this? Why is that so difficult? Spatial planning may be necessary, but that should not be an excuse for forbidding people to live as they prefer.

Can you quickly start your own business alone or together with like-minded people or are you doomed to work for a boss all your life? Why is it difficult for so many people to become their own bosses?

We can be free and have a better life that way. But we need to start looking at a few things differently. Why have people accepted landlords and bureaucrats making our lives much harder for so long? Governments have found some powerful arguments for restricting our freedom. Without all-controlling and coercive governments, poor people would be left alone, threads like pandemics and climate change could not be addressed, and there would be no roads or even complete chaos. Without landlords, we would not be able to live in decent houses or we would fall back to communism. If we understand why this is pure nonsense, we can liberate ourselves and enjoy our lives.

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